Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Etoile de Namaco: La Mauvaise Politique, 1981

A great album from from either Cameroon or Gabon. I've been told both, but I suspect that the band is from Gabon because they sing about Gabonese politics. This one is a personal favorite of mine. The second track, Chere Maman, is a French cover of Sweet Mother by Prince Nico Mbarga from Nigeria. The last track is addressed to Omar Bongo, then-president of Gabon, who was widely known for the extent of his corruption. He recently died and was succeeded as president by his son. Great guitar work and solid musicianship throughout. The last track was also posted here:

La Mauvaise Politique by Easyjams



  2. Thank you very much from Barranquilla - Colombia greeting, here in my town was and remains a success of music
    Muchas gracias...

  3. Hi thank you very much for your input, you know where I could get more music like that and that time ...