Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Joey Jefferson Band: Crenshaw Boulevard, 1980

I'm posting two very different Wes Montgomery inspired albums today. Unlike The Visit, this one is not dedicated to Montgomery but you can hear his influence on Jefferson's playing all over the record. The band is pretty versatile, but they also manage keep the funk going the whole record. Having James Gadson from the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band on board must have helped. This is the record's virgin spin. "Conducted and produced by Joey Jefferson (Head arranger):"
Three guitar players: Joey Jefferson, Cal Green, Geo Walker
The Drummer: James Gadson
Bass: Bob Bradley
Sax Solo: Fred Smith (On Mr. Music Man)
Synthesizer: Reggie Andrews
Bolic sounds: Frank Borkgren
Mystic sounds: Steve Fugi
Background vocals Hodges, James, and Smith On Mr. Music Man
Other background voices: Kathy, Inez, and Stephanie



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