Wednesday, October 27, 2010

George M'lely: Trio, 1981

On this album, pianist George M'lely's trio is made up of Peter Barshay on bass and Eddie Moore on drums. Most of the compositions are by M'lely, and the whole band shows a real competence in playing them. They manage to keep it straight ahead but their playing, especially M'lely's, is pretty unique. The album was released on the label Alternatives in American Music, which seems to have only released M'lely's music. From what I can gather on M'lely, he was enjoying a reasonable amount of success in the early 80's but stopped playing professionally in 83, not making his comeback until the early 2000's. Trio was recorded in the bay area, but M'lely now lives in Hawai'i.

An April Piece by Easyjams

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