Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ray Sylvester Orchestra: My Elusive Dreams, 1976

Impressive big band music from Trinidad bandleader Ray Sylvester. Mostly slower romantic songs, but there are a couple upbeat ones in there as well. He mixes in a lot of different genres including calypso, salsa, and of course the classic big band sound, but his style is really unique. Not a lot of solos, but the arrangements and execution are great. This is the band's fourth album, arranged by Art de Coteau and produced by Max Serrao. I was not able to find much information on Sylvester other than that moved to Trinidad from Grenada as a young child, that his band was the resident band at a nightclub in Port-of-Spain, and that he died in 2002. No last names were listed in the musician credits, but here's what they gave us:

Timbales: Ronnie
Percussion: Felix, Bobby
Congas: Cummings
Drums: Keith
Organ: Davy
Bass: Winston
Tenor sax: Bert
Alto sax: Mackie
Trumpets: Joe, Granger, Guerra
Trombone: John
Guitar: Cito

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  2. My daddy Herman Bramothe"bert" at 90 years, so proud to see this! Thank you