Monday, September 17, 2012

Horace Andy: Rock to Sleep b/w Dub to Sleep, 1977

A lovely cut by Horace Andy, one of reggae's all time greats.  I couldn't find much information about this song, but the music is amazing and doesn't require an introduction.  This is not the 2005 Rockers pressing, it comes from the Serious Business label, which released it in 1977, a year after the Yard Music label.  The arranger/ producer credits are given to Andy and H. Robinson (the Yard Music pressing lists Andy as the arranger and Robinson as the producer,) while the Rockers pressing credits Michael Taylor as the producer. 

You will notice that the B-side falls well below this blogs normal standards for sound quality, and that it includes quite a few skips.  Given the gear I'm working with at the moment, this is the best and I can do, but I'm working diligently to start running smoothly again soon.

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